April 14, 2009

Lessons Ive Learned =0

Step 1: Skates

I drove forever did a few stunt moves flossed snapped turned skated backwards....

Step 2: Fall Down Horendously

This fall must have been in slow motion because it felt like it was FOREVER..

Step 3: Go to the Hospital

As a child i looked @ crutches and thought..what fun that would be...well I was WRONG WRONG WRONG!!

Step 4: Live With the Aftermath

I was already late to the skating rink. I only had 1.5 hours left to skate but I felt it was worth it. I skated for about a half in hour trying my tricks out and whatnot anyway when I skate I like to skate on the edges of the rink and this time i was skating the edge and took too long to decide what to do and I ran into the back of Korean Sunshine (Allen) we both went down and he got back up..I thought I was okay I was just gonna sit down for a moment or 2..No No NO in about 30 seconds I realized that my skate needed to come off and that I was seriously hurt. I try 2 be Big BAd LEE and uhh FAILED!! I'm like dag i need to go to the HOSPITAL!! Thank Goodness the Hospital is 1 block away from the Rink how Conveniate!! So they have me in there 2.5 hours and they say HAy you sprained is ur halfcast, your meds, some ice and don't forget your handy dandy crutches. Sleep was difficult to attain that night..but my baby took very good care of me..

Kid Cudi-Day N Nite (My Way)

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